Why you should get your kids a refurbished iPhone

Posted on October 17, 2019 by

Kids these days from as ages as young as 10 are looking to get a mobile phone. It is crazy to think this but the fact that many young kids have access to phones it now just a fact of modern life. Most kids will want what their friends have which is usually going to be a iPhone. These are now retailing for as much as €950.00 or if you want to get a phone contract which I don’t think you would for your kid then you will probably pay between €300 – €400 and be on a contract.

There is a way around this problem however and that is to get your kids a refurbished iPhone. If you have an iPhone refurbished it means it is preowned but it is essentially a fully working iPhone for a much cheaper price. For example if you get a iPhone refurbished you can get them for as lost as €300.00 but without any contract obligations. This not only means that you are saving money when buying the phone but more than likely a young child is going to damage anyway at some stage.

iphone refurbished

iPhone’s aren’t that sturdy at the best of times and why spend double the amount of money when you know that more than likely it is going to be dropped or in some way damaged by your kids. The best solution is to get a iPhone refurbished and gorilla glass to prevent the screen from scratching. This way when it is dropped the screen should have a good chance of not smashing completely.

For kids it’s all about having an iPhone. They are not really going to be aware nor care about whether it was previously owned or not. A refurbished iPhone still comes in a fancy box which you can wrap up as a gift so they will be just as happy. Your kids won’t even know the difference and you can even use a pay as you go sim card with a refurbished iPhone so you can get a cheaper sim deal.

Another avenue you can tell your kids is that it is recycling and helping the planet. This is another angle that will make the kid feel like they are doing something good for the world. So if you are looking to get your kid a phone without the expensive off the shelf price then this is a great solution!