Staycations rescue Irelands tourism season

Posted on September 18, 2020 by

With staycations the order of the day post Covid many businesses were on the brink of closure. Although our airports never closed tourism dropped by 95% here in Ireland and the cries from Failte Ireland were for everyone to stay put this summer and spend your hard earned money in Ireland. This of course is a good thing however there were complaints that some hotels were jacking up their prices for the August weekends excessively which hurt their image and also lost the sympathy that they had coming out of lock down.

Midwest Radio - New 'staycation subsidy' being developed for Irish  holidaymakers

Hotels in popular spots like Westport and Killarney were charging over €300 per night on busy weekends. Considering you can get a trip abroad for €500 including flights and you are getting better weather and cheaper meals it is disappointing that the hotels here done such a price hike. Next year will be very different with most of the country planning to holiday abroad after staying put this year. This will be due to many factors however the price hike here the last few months has really turned a few people off supporting their Irish countrymen in the tourism industry

There are some good deals to be had however with some hotels doing better deals and upgrading guests to deluxe bedrooms that have extras like multi point showers, gaming chairs from and super king size beds. Little things like this can make the difference to people returning next year or even later in the year for a winter break which people will need after the mental stress of lock down.

The coming winter months will be tough for hotels in Ireland as many people are preparing to batton down the hatches for winter and just hope that 2021 is not as big a disaster as 2020 has been.