Soon you will be able to get an electric scooter sharing app for your iPhone

Posted on May 14, 2019 by

As the Irish minister for transport still tries to decide whether electric scooters should be legal or not everyone is continuing on as if they are anyway. With companies like Lime saying that as near as this summer in Dublin there will be an electric scooter sharing service of which you can download an app to your iPhone and see where scooters are available. The same company who operate have commented that they too will be installing the app on their iPhone’s as part of this new service.

So what does this mean for electric scooter riders? Well it shows that the minister or more the government have not a clue what to do with regards to the legality of the scooters. If they were seriously looking to ban them altogether then this would not be happening. It almost seems like a case of well whatever the government think everyone has agreed that they are here to stay and that they are a great way to get around town and as the government are not taking a hard stance on them then why not?

The iPhone app (or in my case a refurbished iPhone as I keep losing mine on nights out) will be part of an official app much like the Dublin bikes app that is available. The iPhone app will show the location of the scooters as well as allowing you to make payment.

Dublin would be perfect for these in our opinion as the city is almost entirely flat and there is already a relatively decent bike lane system despite regular uproar from the biking community there. Compared to other cities Dublin is actually quite good to get around by bike so I don’t see why a scooter should be any different. I think with a big company like Lime getting on board this will put more pressure on government so to come up with some sort of laws for the scooters and then people can happily ride around without wondering if it is fully legal or not!