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Is the Android TV Box still relevant in 2019?

Posted on March 25, 2019 by

We are going to talk about something a little bit different in this post and that is the android TV Box. The android tv box effectively changed the way we watch television in only a matter of a few years. Between this and the Apple TV box TV was revolutionized and it help add to the rise of major TV apps such as Stan, Netflix and Hulu. Because the Android TV Box has been so successful it has even forced major companies like Sky TV to go and create their own version of a streaming TV box so their subscribers can access their TV via the box.

Since they first came onto the scene in around the year 2013/14 they have stayed relatively the same with only new versions of android being updated yearly. The updates have no real reflection on the ability to watch TV channels or movies. This is mainly down to the app and many consumers still can not separate the difference between the hardware and the software on a TV box. They may associate a certain TV box with certain content but that is in fact not the case at all!

Hardware & Software Differences of the Android TV Box:

Hardware is the device itself, in this case it can be something like the X92 android TV Box (or any other box for that matter). Software is the apps on the box, an example of this would be Netflix. So what you should look for with regards to hardware is processor speed, RAM or random access memory and storage. The more RAM the android box has the faster it will be able to open apps and do other functions.

So effectively you can put the same android app on any android box. So why not just get the cheapest? Well like anything some devices are faster than others. Just like a mobile phone. They can all make calls and send texts but they are not all the same. Website likes effectively try to explain this to their customers to avoid any confusion. Though they often get questions like “which box can I watch movies on”. The answer is all of them but they are not all the same. Confusing I know!