Electric Scooter Law Hangs In The Balance

Posted on March 28, 2019 by

As electric scooter enthusiasts we are keeping a close eye on how governments around the world are dealing with the sudden electric scooter boom that has taken the world by storm. Here in Ireland it has been announced that they are in fact illegal even though that goes against what is stated in the law here. If you use your push power, or we should we say that if you need to push off your scooter to begin your journey then it should be not classed the same way as a motorbike or car. So this seems like a lack of understanding from the government on their own law.In any case they do not seem too interested in making these a part of our cities which is bizarre considering the traffic laws.

Where do electric scooters go from here?

Well the government has requested that a report be done on how to legislate the electric scooters so there is still hope yet but they were merely stating that under current law that they are illegal on public roads. This is something we strongly disagree with. If you want to ride your electric scooter then you can do so in parks and on private property but most people get them to commute to work and beat the traffic. So I guess we have to wait and see what this report comes back with. It shouldn’t be a big deal to look at  the potential of the electric scooter as a commuting tool and just add some new legislation in but as we are dealing with government nothing is every that easy.

I am sure the big electric scooter companies will be pushing for a new law to be passed allowing the scooters to be used on roads around the world. It is in their best interest and they genuinely think they can help solve many cities with their traffic issues. In any case I can’t picture the Police pulling over everyone on an electric scooter but you never know!