Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Legal Alternative To Electric Scooter?

Posted on April 1, 2019 by

Electric scooters have been getting all the headlines when it comes to electric transport over the last 12 months and we too have covered them extensively on our website. Most of the headlines have been about their legality and how are they going to be governed in the various countries around the world. What is not being discussed however is the alternative of using an electric bike to commute to work. Not only is this a good alternative but they are 100% legal and you can use the bike lanes to get to work.

Is an electric bike conversion kit the way to go?

Electric bikes can be quite expensive, as can your standard bike as it happens however there is a more affordable alternative. That is getting an electric bike conversion kit. What this means is that you can convert your existing bike to an ebike by adding one of these ebike conversion kits. This will make your normal bike into a full electric bike and most of the ebike kits go for £200 – 400 so they are affordable.

While we are big fans of the electric scooters here everything is still up in the air in terms of how legal they are going to be or should we say just where exactly can they be used. We think that the electric bike conversion kits are a safer alternative at the moment and they should be a more attractive option as people are more familiar with a bike than they are with the new scooters.

According to www.ebikeobsessed.co.uk you can get a much greater range using an ebike conversion kit also. Some electric bike kits will allow you to go as far as 70 miles. This again is considerably more than an electric scooter. Most kits will have multiple gear options of you can turn off the assisted motor altogether and just pedal as normal. So this is a great option if you are still on the fence about the electric scooter craze.