Are Adult Electric Scooters a Real Option?

Posted on December 4, 2018 by

Having young people in our lives gives us more than they will ever know. Because we’re the older people in this situation, it often falls on our shoulders to figure out what the best choices are. When it comes to buying a car for a younger person that needs transportation, we sometimes find it is not the best choice.

Not only are cars expensive, they also pose serious risk for young people who do not have a lot of life experience. Weighing the pros and cons of choosing a scooter vs. a vehicle for young people does not have to be overwhelming. A few basic tips will usually move your decision in the right direction.

Scooters Do Not Have Passengers:

electric scooterAlthough we trust our young people, sometimes we do not trust their friends. If you are concerned about a car being used to transport young people that you do not care for, an electric scooter is a good option. The electric scooter will provide transportation and also limit other passengers completely. This also means that someone else will not drive the young person home if they are intoxicated.

Insurance Costs Are Reduced With Electric Scooters:

Although many scooters are advertised as legal in all states, an electric scooter or moped needs to be carefully reviewed against state laws before purchase. This is especially true if a minor is driving it. However, compared to a car, insurance for a scooter is either low cost or no cost.

In some states, scooters are illegal for minors or requires special insurance that is not required for older riders. Of course, vehicle insurance rates are extremely high the younger you are. For some young drivers, an electric scooter is the only option because of insurance costs.

Electric Scooters Teach Responsibility:

One of the main advantages of buying an electric scooter before a car is that it will teach the driver responsibility. When a car breaks down, the cost is usually so expensive that parents have to cover it. However, when an electric scooter breaks down, the cost is usually low enough for a young person to pay for it themselves.

A scooter is also a smaller version of a car in a way that the driver can see how their driving affects the way the vehicle performs over time. In other words, a scooter makes the young person a better car driver eventually. Check out our review of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter as it is one of the most popular scooters on the market at the moment.