Pricing Update For Family Homes

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The small island of Ireland is a country of contrasts, so naturally the many homes listed on this site reflect these contrasts admirably. Our extensive listing of Bed and Breakfast homes and Self Catering Accommodation can be found in variable settings; nestled in quiet country villages or located in the heart of sophisticated cities and lively towns and, of course, immersed in an atmosphere of rural tranquility. 

      However, the common factor in the Family Homes of Ireland is the friendly people you will meet and the guaranteed warmth of your welcome – wherever your path may take you. Before traveling please take time to check out Car Rental companies at locations throughout Ireland. If you are interested in making reservations, please use the e-mail addresses provided and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. We also publish a Bed & Breakfast Guide and our 2019 edition can be purchased through our office and in several outlets in Ireland.

Soon you will be able to get an electric scooter sharing app for your iPhone

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As the Irish minister for transport still tries to decide whether electric scooters should be legal or not everyone is continuing on as if they are anyway. With companies like Lime saying that as near as this summer in Dublin there will be an electric scooter sharing service of which you can download an app to your iPhone and see where scooters are available. The same company who operate have commented that they too will be installing the app on their iPhone’s as part of this new service.

So what does this mean for electric scooter riders? Well it shows that the minister or more the government have not a clue what to do with regards to the legality of the scooters. If they were seriously looking to ban them altogether then this would not be happening. It almost seems like a case of well whatever the government think everyone has agreed that they are here to stay and that they are a great way to get around town and as the government are not taking a hard stance on them then why not?

The iPhone app (or in my case a refurbished iPhone as I keep losing mine on nights out) will be part of an official app much like the Dublin bikes app that is available. The iPhone app will show the location of the scooters as well as allowing you to make payment.

Dublin would be perfect for these in our opinion as the city is almost entirely flat and there is already a relatively decent bike lane system despite regular uproar from the biking community there. Compared to other cities Dublin is actually quite good to get around by bike so I don’t see why a scooter should be any different. I think with a big company like Lime getting on board this will put more pressure on government so to come up with some sort of laws for the scooters and then people can happily ride around without wondering if it is fully legal or not!



Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Legal Alternative To Electric Scooter?

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Electric scooters have been getting all the headlines when it comes to electric transport over the last 12 months and we too have covered them extensively on our website. Most of the headlines have been about their legality and how are they going to be governed in the various countries around the world. What is not being discussed however is the alternative of using an electric bike to commute to work. Not only is this a good alternative but they are 100% legal and you can use the bike lanes to get to work.

Is an electric bike conversion kit the way to go?

Electric bikes can be quite expensive, as can your standard bike as it happens however there is a more affordable alternative. That is getting an electric bike conversion kit. What this means is that you can convert your existing bike to an ebike by adding one of these ebike conversion kits. This will make your normal bike into a full electric bike and most of the ebike kits go for £200 – 400 so they are affordable.

While we are big fans of the electric scooters here everything is still up in the air in terms of how legal they are going to be or should we say just where exactly can they be used. We think that the electric bike conversion kits are a safer alternative at the moment and they should be a more attractive option as people are more familiar with a bike than they are with the new scooters.

According to you can get a much greater range using an ebike conversion kit also. Some electric bike kits will allow you to go as far as 70 miles. This again is considerably more than an electric scooter. Most kits will have multiple gear options of you can turn off the assisted motor altogether and just pedal as normal. So this is a great option if you are still on the fence about the electric scooter craze.


Electric Scooter Law Hangs In The Balance

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As electric scooter enthusiasts we are keeping a close eye on how governments around the world are dealing with the sudden electric scooter boom that has taken the world by storm. Here in Ireland it has been announced that they are in fact illegal even though that goes against what is stated in the law here. If you use your push power, or we should we say that if you need to push off your scooter to begin your journey then it should be not classed the same way as a motorbike or car. So this seems like a lack of understanding from the government on their own law.In any case they do not seem too interested in making these a part of our cities which is bizarre considering the traffic laws.

Where do electric scooters go from here?

Well the government has requested that a report be done on how to legislate the electric scooters so there is still hope yet but they were merely stating that under current law that they are illegal on public roads. This is something we strongly disagree with. If you want to ride your electric scooter then you can do so in parks and on private property but most people get them to commute to work and beat the traffic. So I guess we have to wait and see what this report comes back with. It shouldn’t be a big deal to look at  the potential of the electric scooter as a commuting tool and just add some new legislation in but as we are dealing with government nothing is every that easy.

I am sure the big electric scooter companies will be pushing for a new law to be passed allowing the scooters to be used on roads around the world. It is in their best interest and they genuinely think they can help solve many cities with their traffic issues. In any case I can’t picture the Police pulling over everyone on an electric scooter but you never know!



android tv box info

Is the Android TV Box still relevant in 2019?

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We are going to talk about something a little bit different in this post and that is the android TV Box. The android tv box effectively changed the way we watch television in only a matter of a few years. Between this and the Apple TV box TV was revolutionized and it help add to the rise of major TV apps such as Stan, Netflix and Hulu. Because the Android TV Box has been so successful it has even forced major companies like Sky TV to go and create their own version of a streaming TV box so their subscribers can access their TV via the box.

Since they first came onto the scene in around the year 2013/14 they have stayed relatively the same with only new versions of android being updated yearly. The updates have no real reflection on the ability to watch TV channels or movies. This is mainly down to the app and many consumers still can not separate the difference between the hardware and the software on a TV box. They may associate a certain TV box with certain content but that is in fact not the case at all!

Hardware & Software Differences of the Android TV Box:

Hardware is the device itself, in this case it can be something like the X92 android TV Box (or any other box for that matter). Software is the apps on the box, an example of this would be Netflix. So what you should look for with regards to hardware is processor speed, RAM or random access memory and storage. The more RAM the android box has the faster it will be able to open apps and do other functions.

So effectively you can put the same android app on any android box. So why not just get the cheapest? Well like anything some devices are faster than others. Just like a mobile phone. They can all make calls and send texts but they are not all the same. Website likes effectively try to explain this to their customers to avoid any confusion. Though they often get questions like “which box can I watch movies on”. The answer is all of them but they are not all the same. Confusing I know!


Why The Adult Electric Scooter Is a Legit Form Of Transport

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The word is starting to get around that electric scooters are now a legit form of transport. Here in Ireland just yesterday one of the main Irish newspapers the Irish Times had a half page article on the benefits of using an electric scooter. This is great press for the electric scooter industry and it also covered the topic of electric bikes also known as ebikes as they have being getting a lot of press recently also. This is because they are now popping up in major cities around the world as a form of bike rental rather than using traditional bikes.

Cost Saving:

This is the biggest factor when deciding whether an electric scooter is for you. Most adult electric scooters have a range of between 20 – 30kms so if you live near enough to your work place then an adult electric scooter could be a legit way to save a fortune. Think about how much you spend on fuel for your car as well as insurance and NCT? Or how much you pay to use your leap card each week. If you can replace these forms of transport with an adult electric scooter then surely it is a wise investment.

adult electric scooters

Eco Friendly:

For those of you who are keen to help save the environment then this is a great direct way to cut down on your own emissions. Instead of driving to work or the shops you can now use your electric scooter which of your emit no emissions. This too can be said if you are a user of the bus or train or even use taxis to get around. If a large percentage of people were to use an electric scooter instead of using other forms of transportation then think of the impact on your local city?


If a percentage of people move to electric scooters instead of using the forms of transport mentioned above then think of the impact on our roads? We could take a huge amount of people off of our roads even in the next year but encouraging people to move to electric scooters. This is a legit option for our government and something that we hope will be looked at as a serious short term solution.

So these are 3 great reasons for you to at least consider using the electric scooter as a form of transport. As mentioned above the article in the Irish Times mentioned as a leading retailer of these scooters and somewhere you can get more information.


Best electric scooters for Students on a budget

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Electric scooters are a great way for students to get around. Whether commuting from off campus or zipping from dorm to class within the college grounds, electric scooters are a quick and fashionable way for students to get from point A to point B. They’re also inexpensive and environmentally much friendlier than a car. Though some degree of responsibility is required – drinking and driving for example on any vehicle that goes 40+ miles per hour is a pretty obviously bad idea, and electric scooters don’t come with airbags – as long as a reasonable degree of common sense and caution is used electric scooters are also easy to drive and pretty safe.

Honda Metropolitan: This particular little electric scooters is close to my heart. It was my high school graduation gift and served me well all through college. It gets great gas mileage, going upwards of 100 miles on just one tank of gas. With a maximum speed of 40 mph it’s also a great beginner electric scooters, since it doesn’t go too fast for students to handle. The speed means it’s not highway friendly, but it works just fine for residential and campus areas. To top it off it costs under $2,000, which makes it appealing for parents and students alike. It’s easy to load up into a minivan to transport to where it needs to go as well, weighting only around 150 pounds.

Vespa: This is the classic electric scooters. In fact, the Honda Metropolitan looks like it was probably modeled after a Vespa. Depending on the model, there are a range of speeds, though generally it goes a little faster than the Honda (from 39-80 mph). It also gets great mileage, making it environmentally friendly, and there are a range of prices to meet any budget. Vespa electric scooters are definitely crowd pleasers, and for electric scooters lovers probably the first brand that comes to mind.

Xiaomi M365 is a sportier option. There are a variety of electric scooters in this brand as well, with a variety of prices and power. The Xiaomi M365 is particularly environmentally, getting a 26km range. I haven’t seen as many of these out on the road, but Yamaha is a respected brand and has some name brand cache that a lesser known company might miss out on.

Gotrax: A lesser known brand, they nevertheless have a popular electric scooters option of their own. The Scarabeo comes in a three different colors and a couple different power options, so the option is there for either a gentler campus ride or a more powerful road-ready vehicle. While it’s a little more expensive than the Honda electric scooters (exact price depends on which model is selected), it’s a sleek option for someone wanting a road less traveled.

Ninebot: This popular electric scooters brand has a few different options as well, so as with many of these other companies some personal tailoring is possible. The ES2 is a good student option, being powerful enough to get around but not too much to handle as a first buy. The price is just over €599 from making it a mid-price electric scooters and a good deal for young adults. For those who like to make a statement, one of the colors offered is a bubblegum pink, which will definitely stand out on any campus.

Whether a Honda, Vespa or any of the multitude of other electric scooters options, these two wheeled vehicles are great for students and adults alike. With space for groceries or a backpack in the seats, and with two seater models offered for carpooling options, electric scooters are more practical, cheaper and greener than cars. They’re a fun and fashionable alternative for any student who’s ready for them.

How to Choose the hoverboard for You

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Hoverboards are becoming a popular mode of transportation for people who can’t walk, or who can’t walk very far, on their own as well as being a great toy for the kids. We have teamed up with to get their views on buying the right hoverboard for you. There are many different brands of scooters, such as Hoveround, Bladez, Pacesaver, Invacare, Pride and Guardian. There are also several types of scooters. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to figure out which one you need! Learn how to choose the hoverboard for you:

Basically, a hoverboard is a motorized device that has a body/frame, a seat, two rear wheels, one or two front wheels and handlebars. Most scooters are powered by an electrical system with a rechargeable battery.

To choose the best scooter for you, you’ll first need to determine where you’ll ride it the most. If you can get around your house without the use of a scooter, but you need one for shopping trips and doing errands away from home, then a small “travel scooter” will suit you best. Travel scooters can be “broken down” or taken partially apart so they easily fit inside a trunk. They are made with lightweight materials too, for easy handling.

Even though a travel scooter is small, it can usually go approximately ten to twenty miles on a single charge.

Despite its many pros, one con of a travel hoverboard is that, since it’s made to be light in weight, it doesn’t have a heavy duty suspension or a lot of padding in the seat. This means its ride won’t be as smooth or comfortable as a regular-sized scooter.

The single front wheel gives this type of scooter a tighter turning ability. This feature makes it easier to steer around tight places inside a building. This type of scooter is also suitable for traveling on smooth outdoor surfaces such as concrete, pavement and the like.

For the most stable ride outside on rough, uneven terrain, choose a four-wheeled model. The fourth wheel, of course, adds stability so you won’t have to worry about tipping your scooter over when you’re riding over surfaces that aren’t smooth.

And if you’re an adventuresome soul who wants to get outside and travel on all types of terrain, then an “All Terrain hoverboard” would suit you the best.

Travel scooters are in the small category, while the other varieties of scooters come in medium and large sizes. Medium-sized scooters offer their passengers more comfortable seating and can travel more miles between battery charges. They often sport larger wheels and have a higher speed range, usually up to somewhere around six miles an hour.

Large-sized hoverboards naturally go the fastest, with the average top speed being around eight miles an hour. If this type of transportation device has the necessary lighting and other safety features installed on it, they can be street legal. This could be the right choice if you’re planning on traveling around town.

But, there is even more information to consider when you choose the hoverboard for you. The specific type of disability you have and your physical condition also will play a part in the choosing of a scooter.

Unfortunately, a scooter isn’t the right transportation for everyone. People who can’t sit erect for long periods of time, or who don’t have the dexterity or the strength to operate the controls can’t use hoverboards.

When you call a manufacturer to find out information about a hoverboard, the customer service representative will ask you questions about your disability. He or she isn’t prying. Instead, they need to determine if you can use a scooter. If so, they need to determine which type of their scooters will suit you the best.

Before you make that call, you should speak to your healthcare professional and talk to him/her about your needs. Your doctor can evaluate your situation and make the best recommendations.

electric scooter laws

Electric Scooter Laws To Change In 2018 in Ireland

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A fine Gael minister is seeking clarity on a bill that tells the law of electric scooters on public roads in Ireland. Like many new pieces of technology over the last decade the laws are behind the times and leave certain technologies in a grey area.

Noel Rock saws that this law to is a grey area when it comes to the electric scooter. Now this is not to be confused with a kids electric scooter but the law for electric scooter for adults on public roads here in Ireland.

The adult electric scooters have grown hugely popular in Ireland and in other countries in Europe and could be the answer to taking traffic off of our under pressure road network. The Gardai however say that as the electric scooters are propelled by an electric motor that they will fall under the road traffic law. This would mean that the scooters would need insurance, a license and tax.

Mr. Rock is now pushing a bill through the government to change the law specifically for the electric scooters and this bill will hopefully come into effect in early 2018. For more information on the laws on the electric scooter please visit this RSA link.




The future of personal transport is here – the hoverboard

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Now this is a generalisation, and it might have to do with what road trip you have in mind, but it’s all about using the right mode of transport for travelling on the road. It is easy to knock in nails with a large spanner, but it’s far simpler with a hammer.

For example, a bike which is built to be capable of around 140mph and travel round corners at, say, 100mph, is maybe inappropriate for commuting, with a riding position which is more suited to the track than getting through traffic on the road. Travelling by motorbike to one’s workplace daily is an ideal way to get used to it, in order to build confidence on country road rides at the weekend, however it’s just not the most ideal road vehicle to use if most of the commute is on roads where the speed limit is 30 mph. A 600cc sports bike is only just starting to warm up at 60mph, and operates more comfortably when travelling at the speed of 80 mph. It can often therefore be difficult to find cheap bike insurance.


On the other hand, a hoverboard carries its weight a lot lower, and more to the back, which makes it much more responsive. The motorbike’s larger wheels behave similarly to gyroscopes making the bike reluctant to change direction. The small wheels on a hoverboard take a lot less force to change direction allowing the rider more control. hoverboards also have under seat storage as standard and in a lot of cases have a useful additional compartment, so bike tools and luggage can be stowed away rather than the rider having to carry it about. I have owned a hoverboard in the past which I used for commuting while owning a motorbike at the same time, but when this hoverboard was pinched, I did not replace it for a few reasons.

I now have a car as my second vehicle and although I don’t really need it, I enjoy the ease of travelling by car on a longer journey, carrying passengers or even for just being lazy. Of course I realise the car insurance is a lot more expensive than hoverboard insurance and repairs cost more but I have no justification in buying a third vehicle, when I perhaps could be spending the money on home improvements. I realise I could sell the car in order to buy a hoverboard with the proceeds – I may well do this, but there is one thing stopping me.

I like to think of myself as someone more practical rather than a person concerned with merely image. I consider I can think and act as I wish independently without worrying about others’ opinions. But I now realise that status is important to me. Our perceived status affects how we are treated by other people. The simple fact is that arriving at one’s place of employment on a motorbike is kind of fashionable, but arriving on the back of a hoverboard is not. It doesn’t matter that many hoverboards are capable of doing 0-60 in 5 seconds, which is a lot faster than most cars.

I must now admit that I’m reluctant to choose the most suitable vehicle to commute because of what others may think, but nevertheless, this, sadly, is the truth. Although it may sound too trivial a reason for choosing to travel by sports bike or car rather than a hoverboard, the persona I have created to impress others matters greatly and to me and, ultimately, has a strong bearing on many of the choices I make. Read our review of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter here.