Pricing Update For Family Homes

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The small island of Ireland is a country of contrasts, so naturally the many homes listed on this site reflect these contrasts admirably. Our extensive listing of Bed and Breakfast homes and Self Catering Accommodation can be found in variable settings; nestled in quiet country villages or located in the heart of sophisticated cities and lively towns and, of course, immersed in an atmosphere of rural tranquility. 

      However, the common factor in the Family Homes of Ireland is the friendly people you will meet and the guaranteed warmth of your welcome – wherever your path may take you. Before traveling please take time to check out Car Rental companies at locations throughout Ireland. If you are interested in making reservations, please use the e-mail addresses provided and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. We also publish a Bed & Breakfast Guide and our 2019 edition can be purchased through our office and in several outlets in Ireland.

Safety Footwear Whilst Building Your Dream Home

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With house prices now higher than they were even in the celtic tiger, building your own home is becoming more and more attractive. Prices in Dublin have sky rocketed with the pandemic making things even worse as building sites across the city were shut down for months at a time. With the average price of a 3 bed house in South Dublin being over €450,000 it is a stretch for most people, especially first time buyers. Alternatives are on the table such as shipping container homes which look pretty cool and are much more affordable.

Grillagh Water House built from stacked shipping containers

Although these sort of homes look pretty nice, they reality is people are being forced to look at options like these over traditional houses because of the cost. You can get a shipping container home for €70,000 but you will still need the land and of course the heating and plumbing must be done on top of this. This is a fine option if you buy cheap land down the country but it most certainly would not be viable in any of the major cities.

You also have health and safety to look after when building your own home and this can be a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down. Insurance and other safety measures will add up. It is important that your builders are using the right safety equipment including steel toe safety boots, hi vis jackets and hard hats or you could end up in court.

All of this can be very stressful so you can see why people would rather buy a house rather than have to take on such a large project. Whilst you may save money you will have to spend a lot of your time managing the builders. This is not viable for a lot of people with full time jobs and can be a really stress.


Staycations rescue Irelands tourism season

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With staycations the order of the day post Covid many businesses were on the brink of closure. Although our airports never closed tourism dropped by 95% here in Ireland and the cries from Failte Ireland were for everyone to stay put this summer and spend your hard earned money in Ireland. This of course is a good thing however there were complaints that some hotels were jacking up their prices for the August weekends excessively which hurt their image and also lost the sympathy that they had coming out of lock down.

Midwest Radio - New 'staycation subsidy' being developed for Irish  holidaymakers

Hotels in popular spots like Westport and Killarney were charging over €300 per night on busy weekends. Considering you can get a trip abroad for €500 including flights and you are getting better weather and cheaper meals it is disappointing that the hotels here done such a price hike. Next year will be very different with most of the country planning to holiday abroad after staying put this year. This will be due to many factors however the price hike here the last few months has really turned a few people off supporting their Irish countrymen in the tourism industry

There are some good deals to be had however with some hotels doing better deals and upgrading guests to deluxe bedrooms that have extras like multi point showers, gaming chairs from and super king size beds. Little things like this can make the difference to people returning next year or even later in the year for a winter break which people will need after the mental stress of lock down.

The coming winter months will be tough for hotels in Ireland as many people are preparing to batton down the hatches for winter and just hope that 2021 is not as big a disaster as 2020 has been.

Which Adult Electric Scooter Should You Buy?

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Electric scooters have taken the world by storm and they look like they are here to stay despite many governments attempts to ban them. The people said no and have continued to purchase and use them despite what the law says. This is not something we encourage but we do think it is time a new law is brought in especially for these new machines but as always the laws are outdated and they attempt to apply old laws to new technology.

Now there are many electric scooter models to choose from but really only a few are worth talking about. Of course you can get the cheap adult electric scooters from China but when there is battery’s involved quality should be important and this is the main difference between the quality of electric scooters. Ideally you want a branded battery that is good quality and that will last the pace. This is why we can narrow down the electric scooters worth talking about to 3 main options which we have listed below:

eelectric scooter for adults

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter:

This is the electric scooter for adults that has ruled over the last few years. When people think of adult electric scooters they think of the Xiaomi M365 scooter. It has a range of 30kms and a speed of 30kms and it comes with a LG battery that is very good quality. Xiaomi are a quality brand so this is a safe.

Ninebot Segway ES2:

Made by the same company that own Xiaomi the Ninebot is very similar to the M365 with some minor differences being the design and the lights under the scooter which are pretty cool. Other than that it has the same capabilities and it is essentially the same scooter with a higher price tag.

Megawheels S5-1:

A less well known brand than the other two but a quality adult electric scooter it has the same capabilities as the others and for a much cheaper price tag. At about £100 cheaper on most websites this also comes with an LG battery however the range is slightly less at just 25kms. That said it is a great option to have for those of you on a budget.

So as it stands in 2019 these are the 3 top electric scooters for adults which we recommend. Interested to hear people’s thoughts who have tried these!



How to Choose the hoverboard for You

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Hoverboards are becoming a popular mode of transportation for people who can’t walk, or who can’t walk very far, on their own as well as being a great toy for the kids. We have teamed up with to get their views on buying the right hoverboard for you. There are many different brands of scooters, such as Hoveround, Bladez, Pacesaver, Invacare, Pride and Guardian. There are also several types of scooters. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to figure out which one you need! Learn how to choose the hoverboard for you:

Basically, a hoverboard is a motorized device that has a body/frame, a seat, two rear wheels, one or two front wheels and handlebars. Most scooters are powered by an electrical system with a rechargeable battery.

To choose the best scooter for you, you’ll first need to determine where you’ll ride it the most. If you can get around your house without the use of a scooter, but you need one for shopping trips and doing errands away from home, then a small “travel scooter” will suit you best. Travel scooters can be “broken down” or taken partially apart so they easily fit inside a trunk. They are made with lightweight materials too, for easy handling.

Even though a travel scooter is small, it can usually go approximately ten to twenty miles on a single charge.

Despite its many pros, one con of a travel hoverboard is that, since it’s made to be light in weight, it doesn’t have a heavy duty suspension or a lot of padding in the seat. This means its ride won’t be as smooth or comfortable as a regular-sized scooter.

The single front wheel gives this type of scooter a tighter turning ability. This feature makes it easier to steer around tight places inside a building. This type of scooter is also suitable for traveling on smooth outdoor surfaces such as concrete, pavement and the like.

For the most stable ride outside on rough, uneven terrain, choose a four-wheeled model. The fourth wheel, of course, adds stability so you won’t have to worry about tipping your scooter over when you’re riding over surfaces that aren’t smooth.

And if you’re an adventuresome soul who wants to get outside and travel on all types of terrain, then an “All Terrain hoverboard” would suit you the best.

Travel scooters are in the small category, while the other varieties of scooters come in medium and large sizes. Medium-sized scooters offer their passengers more comfortable seating and can travel more miles between battery charges. They often sport larger wheels and have a higher speed range, usually up to somewhere around six miles an hour.

Large-sized hoverboards naturally go the fastest, with the average top speed being around eight miles an hour. If this type of transportation device has the necessary lighting and other safety features installed on it, they can be street legal. This could be the right choice if you’re planning on traveling around town.

But, there is even more information to consider when you choose the hoverboard for you. The specific type of disability you have and your physical condition also will play a part in the choosing of a scooter.

Unfortunately, a scooter isn’t the right transportation for everyone. People who can’t sit erect for long periods of time, or who don’t have the dexterity or the strength to operate the controls can’t use hoverboards.

When you call a manufacturer to find out information about a hoverboard, the customer service representative will ask you questions about your disability. He or she isn’t prying. Instead, they need to determine if you can use a scooter. If so, they need to determine which type of their scooters will suit you the best.

Before you make that call, you should speak to your healthcare professional and talk to him/her about your needs. Your doctor can evaluate your situation and make the best recommendations.

electric scooter laws

Electric Scooter Laws To Change In 2018 in Ireland

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A fine Gael minister is seeking clarity on a bill that tells the law of electric scooters on public roads in Ireland. Like many new pieces of technology over the last decade the laws are behind the times and leave certain technologies in a grey area.

Noel Rock saws that this law to is a grey area when it comes to the electric scooter. Now this is not to be confused with a kids electric scooter but the law for electric scooter for adults on public roads here in Ireland.

The adult electric scooters have grown hugely popular in Ireland and in other countries in Europe and could be the answer to taking traffic off of our under pressure road network. The Gardai however say that as the electric scooters are propelled by an electric motor that they will fall under the road traffic law. This would mean that the scooters would need insurance, a license and tax.

Mr. Rock is now pushing a bill through the government to change the law specifically for the electric scooters and this bill will hopefully come into effect in early 2018. For more information on the laws on the electric scooter please visit this RSA link.